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Last updated: 19 Jul 2024

Heading 2

Content component - add general page content in this area. 

Body text can include a variety headings and sub-headings up to six levels deep, images, embedded video, block quotes, etc.

Components (Heading 3)

You can add different components on pages like this, including a variety of navigation cards, content listing, promo content, or accordions, and webforms.

Here are just a few examples:

  1. Navigation cards
  2. Navigation cards for 2x columns
  3. Slider
  4. Content listing page
  5. Promo content

Examples of all the available variations of these components are included in CivicTheme and available in the admin content area. 

Illustrated navigation cards in grid over a page design

CivicTheme in 60 second series

CivicTheme in 60 second series
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